Individual Therapy Services

Individual Therapy Services Information

What individual therapy services do watchdog offer?

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Special Educational Needs Teacher Training
  • Music Therapy
  • Psychological services and counseling

What is covered in these therapies?

Occupational Therapy:
Provides training on sensory integration, fine motor skills, pre-academic skills e.g. appropriate pencil grasp, play skills and therapeutic listening

Provides assessments and treatment/training on areas of sensory-motor development, postural and movement control. ICB insoles & Alignment Assessment/Postural Correction service is also offered.

Speech Therapy:
Provides speech and language assessment and training to enhance and develop children’s social and communication skills by using a variety of motivating materials, communication aids.

Special Educational Needs Teacher Training: 
Through various approaches and programs, training will be targeted to develop cognitive skills, problem solving skills, pre-academic skills, emotion regulation skills and social skills. 

Music Therapy:
Through music interactive activity, to enhance children’s development of socialization, communication, language and vocal production, sensory motor skills and promote emotional expression and self-confidence of participants

Psychological Services:
Our Clinical Psychologist focuses on children facing developmental, academic or behavioral issues.

Individual Therapy Services Location

Watchdog Early Education Centre (Hong Kong Centre)
G/F, 12 Borrett Road, Central, Hong Kong


Watchdog Early Education Centre (Jordan Centre)
4 Jordan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Individual Therapy Services Fees

The cost for individual therapy services varies depending if your child is subvented by the government under the EETC program, TSP program or paid by parents through the Self-Finance Package Program, or Private Saturday Program. For fees details please refer to the “Expanded EETC Program”, “Training Subsidy Program” or the “Self-Financed Package Program”, and “Private Saturday Program”.  

Program Enquiry & Application

Contact Persons
Stella Wong
Executive Director 

Telephone: 2521-7364
Fax: 25220734
Viola Wu
Centre-in-Charge (Jordan Centre)

Telephone: 2377-9666
Fax: 2377-9066


Individual Therapy ServicesIndividual Therapy Services