Pre-School Classes

Pre-School Group Classes Information

Who are these classes for?

These classes are for special needs and/or developmentally delayed children between the ages of three to six. At the moment, we offer English classes and Chinese classes in both Hong Kong and Jordan Centre. Each class is staffed by one special educational needs teacher and at least one certified childcare worker or teacher assistant.

What is included in these classes?

These classes provide children with the necessary academic, social and play skills to enable them to integrate more easily into mainstream classes. Upon admission to Watchdog, each child is assessed to determine the level at which the child functions in fine-motor, gross-motor, cognitive, receptive and expressive language, personal and social skills.

Activities in these classes include art, pretend play, creative play, fine motor skills, problem solving, reading, outdoor play and group activities. Classes are three hours long and meet one to five times weekly (depending on the needs of the child). Each child receives at least 20 minutes of one on one time with the teacher each week. The group sessions also include 30 minutes each week of music therapy and 30 minutes of speech therapy. Depending on individual need, students also receive weekly/fortnightly Occupational and Physio-therapy.

Pre-School Classes

What is my involvement as a parent?

Watchdog believes that parents play an important role in the training of their children. While parents are not actively involved in the pre-school classes, they are encouraged to watch the class sessions and individual therapy sessions from the observation rooms. Parents are provided with goals in the biannual assessment reports and they are expected to follow through at home with the activities taught at school. As an integral part of Watchdog’s programming, all families receive home visits from the professional staff involved with their child’s instruction on need basis.

Pre-School Group Classes Location

Watchdog Early Education Centre (Hong Kong Centre)
G/F, 12 Borrett Road, Central, Hong Kong


Watchdog Early Education Centre (Jordan Centre)
4 Jordan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Pre-School Group Classes Fees

The cost for the group classes varies depending if your child is subvented by the government under the EETC program, TSP program or paid by parents through the Self-Financed Package Program. For fees details please refer to the “Expanded EETC Program”, “Training Subsidy Program” or the “Self-Financed Package Program”.  

Program Enquiry & Application 

Contact Persons
Hong Kong Center Jordan Center
Stella Wong
Executive Director 

Telephone: 2521-7364/ 
Fax: 25220734
Ms. Ophelia Tsang
Social Worker 

Telephone: 2521-7364/ 
Fax: 2522-0734
Viola Wu
Centre-in-Charge (Jordan Centre)
Telephone: 2377-9666/ 
Fax: 2377-9066


pre school classespre school classes