Public Accountability Introduction

Watchdog Limited is a non-profit organization receiving subvention from the Social Welfare Department (SWD) and donations from corporate sponsors and individual donors. We are accountable to the public for the proper and prudent use of public funds. To be transparent and to fulfill accountability requirements, we have established channels of disclosure of our Annual Financial Report (AFR) to the public. These include:

  1. Posting up a copy of AFR on the notice board at our head office
  2. Uploading AFR to Watchdog website.
  3. Putting the AFR and Audited Financial Statements in our Annual Report

The following documents are also made available to the public and parents upon request from the head office at our Hong Kong Centre and from our Jordan and Lai Chi Kok Centre:

  1. 16 Service Quality Standard (SQS) policies and procedures
  2. Periodical Statistics on Number of children receiving Watchdog Services
  3. Watchdog Newsletter
  4. Audited Financial Statements
  5. Annual Financial Report (AFR) (submission to SWD)
  6. Annual Report

We welcome any comments or suggestions regarding our practice. Requests for additional information should be directed to and our head office in the Hong Kong Centre (tel. 25217364).